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About Us

Brain-Based Education Academy exists to serve the needs of all learners through evidence-based, academic interventions which teach strategies and promote the development of cognitive skills, with the goal of helping all students think independently and critically. With a specialty in literacy and educational therapy, we utilize cognitive exercises which build and strengthen neural connections to enhance all areas of learning and executive functioning. 

Upcoming Academic Tutoring, Intervention, and Enrichment Options

Does your child have a diagnosed learning disability, learning gaps, need help with grade level content, or is seeking to be challenged with enrichment? The following options will be individualized depending on the need of each learner. 

  • Individual and small group Orton Gillingham reading instruction (beginning June 2024)

  • Individual and small group math intervention, remediation and support (beginning June 2024)

  • Subject specific tutoring on content

  • Individual and small group executive functioning and study skill support

Please complete the form below and we will contact you with information on scheduling and prices.

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